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College Catalog (2008-2009)

Business Administration

Business Administration - Overview

SMCC offers two associate degrees and three certificates in Business Administration. These programs provide students with a foundation in general business practices, leadership concepts, and microcomputer applications. Building confidence and the ability to succeed in the world of business is of the utmost importance in our courses. In addition to acquiring skills in accounting, finance, sales, and operations, students enhance their ability to write, think, work in groups, and solve problems. The associate in applied science degree is intended for those students wishing to maximize the number of business courses taken in preparation for a career in business immediately upon graduation. Depending on interests, students may structure their degree in one of six ways. Most courses will transfer to many 4-year institutions offering a bachelor’s degree in Business.

The associate in science degree emphasizes math, science, and core distribution requirements. The sequence of courses comprises the typical transfer option that many baccalaureate programs prefer, deferring many business courses until the third or fourth year. Students may also pursue  dual degree to enhance career options.

Graduates of the Business Administration program who wish to pursue a baccalaureate degree may take advantage of existing or pending transfer agreements with Husson College, Thomas College, the University of Southern Maine, or the University of Maine at Augusta.

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